Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Let me start this blog with a picture of Harrison enjoying his first smoothie.... hahaha!!!
Anyway - after dinner we took Harrison to the pool!! It was nice and cool outside and I didn't have to lather Harrison up with sunscreen - so I was happy!! :) The only problem with Harrison at the pool is that he doesn't realize that he can't swim!! He is constantly trying to jump out of our arms... and we're constantly trying to tell him that he can't swim... but it doesn't seem to phase him! We really need to sign this kid up for swimming lessons!!!!!
This is me playing with Photoshop!! :)
See.... here he's trying to jump!!! HARRISON - remember - you can't swim!!!
so... we moved him to the kiddy pool...
splahin' around having a grand time!!!
He really didn't want to leave!!

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