Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harrison gets a hair cut!

Because we like to keep Harrison's hair pretty short - it seems like he has to get his hair cut ALL THE TIME!! And because we have to get his hair cut all the time... we cut it ourselves!! I mean really all we do is put a guard on a buzzer - and buzz the kids hair... it's really pretty easy - however the process is pretty amusing! Everyone who knows this kid knows that he is completely UNABLE to sit still for more than 2 seconds.... that is unless he has a sucker!!!! We don't ever give Harrison suckers... so when it comes time for a hair cut dumb dumbs are a big deal. We shove his cute chunky little thighs down into his Bumbo and give him a sucker and he is a happy little boy!!! :) Please enjoy the pictures of Harrison - his dumb dumb and daddy giving him a hair cut!!! :)
This kid is SO happy... all because of that silly sucker!
Lot of drool...
HAHA - what's that face all about?
Ok - he's ready for sucker #2!!! haha!
Look at the concentration on dad's face!!! :)
drool all the way down the belly!!!
All done!!!
WHAT?? We have to do this again in a couple weeks?!?! Sheesh!!!!

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The Price's said...

so cute!! glad his chubby legs still fit in the bumbo.....marlie outgrew hers when she was about 7 months, ha!! she hasn't had a haircut yet so i'll remember the suckers when she does. she never gets them either but loved the one she did have at halloween:)