Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Braves game of the season!

We've actually been to a bunch of Braves games this year... just not any ATLANTA Braves games. Since Aunt Laura works for the Rome Braves - we've been there a bunch - and since Corey's parents have season tickets to the Gwinnett Braves we've been there too - however this was our first Atlanta Braves game of the season!! We tailgated with the normal crew - and Harrison was very happy to have his buddy Owen there to hang out and play with! Harrison especially loved the food (big surprise), corn hole, and the Braves band/drum line that came through the parking lot! Enjoy the pictures!
Harrison and Owen hangin out in the shade
Harrison stealing Owen's hat... what a bully!
Here he is walking up and helping himself to the food....
playing corn hole
getting a better view of the band from dad's shoulders
the band - or drum line... I don't know what they're officially called... but they're good!!

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