Thursday, June 4, 2009

Member appreciation day at the zoo...

Here are some pictures from member appreciation day at the zoo last weekend....
I think these things are hilarious!! :) Corey - Harrison - and Willie B.
Harrison decided he was too big to ride in the stroller.... he'd rather push it!
Here he's playing with some musical instruments they had sat out for an activity... you can't see it in this picture... but he was hording as usual!
Harrison can't get enough of the pandas - seriously - I think they're his favorite!!
Harrison got panda stamps on his hands!
This kid was so sweaty that we were able to spike his hair with his own sweat! Ewww GROSS!! Don't worry we buzzed all his hair off the next day (pictures of that to come soon)
And our last even of the day... riding the train!!


The Price's said...

so cute!! marlie LOVED the pandas at the san diego zoo:) she didn't want to leave them. we have a membership at the nashville zoo and can get into the atlanta zoo for free with it. we need to visit this fall and go with you guys:)

Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

Ok first off. ISNT KENNY CHESNEY AWESOME????!!!! I'm in love with him and he give a GREAT concert! Love him.
Second. How much do I love that y all attended member appreciation day at the ZOO. Did you get a cool gift or anthing?? Love it!

Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

wow...wish i could have been there with ya! is this what my life is about to become with elliana headed my way?