Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NEW CAMERA and Brooke's B-day

I have the best husband in the whole world - no seriously... he passes the CPA and he buys ME a present!!! That's right - I got a new DSLR camera - and I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed!!!! This camera does EVERYTHING - and I'm pretty sure it'll takes me months if not years to figure everything out - but I'm trying really hard!!! Anyway less about the camera - more about the pictures! Last weekend we went to a crawfish boil for Brooke's 30th b-day party! We had a blast and the food was great! Harrison especially had a great time playing in the water toy with Owen... he had such a great time that he got soaked - and we had to strip him down before we got in the car... I love these pictures!!! Anyway enough talking.....
Corey took this shot while he was messing around with the new camera - great huh?!?!
Brooke's party... the food!!! YUM!
Everyone singing Happy B-Day to Brooke!
Abby hanging out with Harrison and the water toy!
I love this picture - naked baby running around Mimi and G's driveway!!!
He's just SO stinkin' cute!!

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