Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For those of you that haven't already heard - Corey got the exciting news yesterday that he passed the final part of the CPA!!!! YEAH!!!! I am SO proud of him - and Harrison (with the help of Aunt Addie) was so happy that he had to make dad a special sign to come home to!! So cute... in one of the pictures it even looks like Harrison is writing his own name! HAHA!! But this post isn't about Harrison - it's about Corey - CONGRATS babe - We love you!!!

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Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

That is so crazy about Cami. I love her she's so cool. Yeah we are in GA the whole month of July. We'll stay with the Hancocks the last two weeks I think. Would LOVE to see you guys so yall can meet her and see yall s sweet face as well.