Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 4th of July - Part 1

So I'm a little behind on posting something from the 4th... oops - but oh well! We went to visit some of Corey's family in AL for the 4th and had a really great time. Corey's granddad - Daddy Jack - is a member of the local Lion's Club - and they have a "Kiddie Carnival" every summer with cute little rides for little kids. We went on Thursday and Friday night - and Harrison had a BLAST!!! He was a little slow to warm up to everything - but once G got there - he convinced him to ride EVERYTHING!!! There were little cars, airplanes, swings, a carousel, and even a little roller coaster!!! While we were in AL Harrison also had some fun playing in the sprinklers - and watching some fire works! That's about all - enjoy the pictures!
Some outside time before the carnival!
Harrison racing Colby - haha
At the Kiddie Carnival - riding the cars
Harrison wasn't the only one having fun...
(from left to right) Addie, Me, Brittoni, and Kayla
having a Dip & Dots break!! YUM!!!
G and Harrison on the carousel
The Garner boys
Harrison's first corndog!!!
Is it just me or is this kid always eating?!?!

On the roller coaster!!!
Suppppper happy about being on the roller coaster!!
Swing time!
This was Corey's favorite kid!!! HAHA - he was having a BLAST!
Harrison with Mama Dean and Daddy Jack
Harrison and G on the train!!
The whole crew
I've been working on editing photos in Photoshop elements - and this is one of my favorites!!

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