Saturday, November 5, 2011

A shower for the future Mr and Mrs Garner!

Addie and I wanted to throw a shower for Bailey and Brittoni - something fun - and laid back - and of course it had to involve football if we wanted the guys to come! :)  So one Saturday in September we all got together at their new place - and had lots of food and lots of fun!
 Addie must really love B&B - she doesn't just stick her hand in meat for anyone!
 that's love!
 Corey rolling out the dough for the strombolli....yum!
 look at the concentration!
 don't you like the banner I made?!?! :)
 the cute couple!
 Brittoni is excited!
 so is Addie!

 practicing feeding each other cake... haha!
 We made a "bucket of dates" and everyone was suppose to leave date ideas in the box for B&B... 
as you can tell - some were pretty entertaining!

 opening gifts.... Bailey looks really excited!

 Brittoni was having too much fun!

 Addie cleaning up - what a good host! :)
  Then a good old fashion game of twister broke out!  I think that's always a good sign of a fun party! :)  
I hope Bailey and Brittoni had as much fun as we did!!

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