Thursday, November 3, 2011

The end of August...

 Brittoni's birthday party and their new place
 The Birthday Girl!  It was a mexican themed b-day - hence the sombrero!

 the cute little couple
 please notice the "candle"
These are from one of Brittoni's showers.... isn't that a pretty cake!

 The cake turned all our mouths blue!
 Me and MK
 Brittoni opening gifts!
 HDG playing dominos/trains.... he's so creative!

 HDG and Aunt Addie!
 crazy MK

 MK and Aunt Addie dancing!
 The Garner kids!
 More pictures from another shower for Brittoni and Bailey

 Bailey's grandmothers

 This is a really awesome cook book that Addie made for Brittoni - 
it's full of family recipes from Bailey's side of the family!  
The Grandmothers checking it out!

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