Saturday, November 5, 2011

HDG plays soccer!

So at our park Harrison isn't really old enough to play soccer - but they have a program called the  "little stars" where the kids come every Saturday for 6 weeks for a big practice - where they just get to come out and basically practice with their parents.  It's really cute!  Here are some pictures from his first "practice".
 When we first got there - they asked the kids to write their name on their ball.
 He's ready to play!
the fundamentals - toe touches on the ball
 the "helicopter"
 the craziness.....
 This is a game where they dribble around - then the coach tells them to stop the ball with a specific part of their body...

 HDG wasn't too sure about using his head!
 Now it was dribble the ball and try to grab your partners tail...

 Dad helping HDG with some instructions...
 Time for some "red light - green light"
 HDG was the winner!
 both sets of grandparents came to watch
 so did Uncle Bailey
then Nana said "race you to the car for a snack" - and he was off!! :)

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