Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day at the CIRCUS!

Corey and I went back and forth on whether to take Harrison to the circus this year... is he old enough - will he enjoy it - will he be able to sit still long enough??? But in the end we got a pretty great deal on tickets and decided to take him. He was SO excited about seeing all the animals - and seriously on the way in I don't think I've ever seen him more excited!! It was really cute. Anyway - as we sat down and the show got started Harrison was pretty interested.... then as the show went on he got a little restless... and wanted to see more animals.... to be honest there were a lot more human tricks than I remember so Harrison was a little disappointed. Overall he behaved really well and we had a great time! Enjoy the pictures!
We asked Harrison if he wanted a light - and believe it or not he said NO! Of course he later changed his mind - those things are WAY too expensive! :)
Walking to our seats... he was SO excited!
Before the circus with Mom!
Before the circus with Dad!
Uncle Bailey and his REALLY expensive cotton candy!!
The view from our seats!
Can't have a circus without the tight rope walkers!
Harrison loved the elephants!
They shot these girls out of the cannons... pretty cool!
I think Harrison enjoyed the cotton candy! :)

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