Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Basket sledding....

I'm not really sure how this started - but one night Corey and Harrison decided it would be fun to sled down the stairs in a laundry basket. I secretly think that they sit around and try to figure out the next big thing to scare me to death... but that's a whole different topic of conversation!! Anyway - I think this is all pretty self explanatory... so here are a couple pictures - and even a video of the whole thing!
Look how excited this kid was...
So happy!
I love this face!
Harrison liked to throw his head back right before he slid down the stairs....
Corey and I thought it was hilarious!
He loved it - I didn't!! I was just sure he was going to hurt himself... oh the joys of being a mom to a little boy! I guess I better just get use to it! :)

Right before I start the video Harrison says to Corey "your turn dad!" haha!
I especially like Corey's response!

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