Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helping Dad outside!

Corey spent the weekend before last cleaning up the backyard... basically just raking up pine straw and pine cones. Nothing too exciting - but Harrison really wanted to "help" - so Corey got him a little rake and tried to put him to work. Anybody wanna guess how that went? Yeah... not so well! He looked really cute - but really he made more of a mess than he did any help! He had a good time - so I guess that's all that really matters! :)
Doesn't he look like he's helping?!?! HAHA!
Corey's trying to explain something to Harrison... however I think it looks like Harrison is more interested in picking his nose! :)
Hey buddy - I think your rake is upside down....
Watching dad - trying to figure out exactly how to rake!
Yep - definitely picking his nose! I told him that was gross - and he said "no mama - it's NOT gross!" EWW!!!

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