Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Since everybody and their brother put all their snow day pictures up the very next day - I decided that I would wait a few days... just to make ours more special! You believe that right?!?! :) HAHA - anyway - here are some of our snow day pictures!
HDG dressed and ready to go!

Just getting out there and checking it out... Dad looks excited!

Such a sweet little face!

OK... this is going to start a series of photos of Harrison's favorite thing to do with the snow....

I made the mistake of telling him you could eat the snow.... and for the rest of the time we were outside he was CONSTANTLY eating the snow....

Harrison and Corey made a little snow man... so cute!

And then they made snow angels! :)

My two favorite boys!!
Doesn't this picture look like HDG is about to pelt someone with a snowball?!?! HAHA!
Family pictures - playing with the tripod!
We told HDG to try and catch some snow with his mouth open... I think he thought it would be funnier to just let Corey and I look like morons!

I don't know what we were doing here... but his face is priceless!

Happy snow day!

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