Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visiting Elli Kate!

So Harrison and I went out to Nana and Papa's again last weekend - this time to go see some friends of ours that were in town - Andrea and Elli Kate!! Harrison doesn't know this yet - but Elli Kate is his future girlfriend!! :) He wasn't really that interested this time - but don't worry Michael - it won't be long before you have to run him off!!
I'm so sad- this is the only picture I have of the two of them "together"
Harrison is doing a karate chop - and you can't see Elli Kate's face...
oh well I'll get a better picture next time.....
See - isn't she pretty?!?!?
and so stylish!!!
Her onesie says "KISS ME I'M CUTE" hehe!!

Here are some bonus pictures of HDG - they're out of order... but just go with me....
Earlier in the day Harrison and I played some soccer in the back yard

Then we stopped to smell the flowers - literally!! :)
and finally we had pizza for dinner.... this big man had 2.5 pieces!!!! What a champ!!!

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Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

loved the blog! I love that Harrison was so into EK. We had fun with yall. I stole your pics from you blog and put them on ours. Can't wait to see you soon. Cant believ i never got a pic of you and me. Oh and I went to belks and got a black purse like urs! I'm so cool now.