Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RODEO TIME! (a non Harrison post)

I think I've talked about this before... but Laura has a friend that is a bull rider - and whenever he's riding in town we try to go see him. Well July 11th he was in Cartersville - so we went!! Rodeos are great... however the people there are almost more entertaining than the actual rodeo!! Please check THIS guy out:
yeah.... that's the kind of people I'm talking about!! HAHA!! So anyway - I'll apologize in advance - it was really dark in there - so taking picture from the stands was almost impossible... but I tried anyway!!
First up - they had the kids chase these little calves around the arena trying to pull ribbons off their tails - the kids who got the ribbons got prizes.... it was a MAD HOUSE....
Next up - only the teenage - young 20 something girls were allowed in the arena - and they basically wrestled in the mud for these globe/egg things that may or may not have had prizes in them... as a female it was really embarrassing - because these girls got NASTY!!! Not like muddy nasty - they got MEAN - there was hair pulling and hitting... and the best part was that this one girl got the globe with the prize in it - but they didn't tell the other girls for like 10 minutes - so they just kept wrestling.... stupid girls!
Next up - and my real favorite of the night - was the WILD cow milking!!! That's right... there were teams of 3 - and these boys had to chase a cow around the arena - then stop it so they could milk it.... WOW - who thought this was a good idea?!?! Ok - maybe not the best idea - but it was really entertaining!!! HAHA!
this is the cow dragging the boys around the arena.... she was NOT interested in being milked!!!
And finally here are a couple of good pictures from the night...
Here's a behind the scenes shot
And here's Jon riding!

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