Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B-Day weekend

So last weekend was my b-day - YEAH! The birthday part wasn't overly exciting - other than the fact that I now officially feel like I'm in my late twenties - but it was a very busy weekend!
To kick the whole thing off - on Thursday night a couple of us had a going away dinner for our friend Michelle who's moving to Florida!
Then - Addie, Mrs. Garner, and I left early Friday morning for a women's conference in Greensboro, NC. The conference was called Deeper Still - and the speakers were Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur - it was AMAZING! We were early enough both days to be able to sit on floor level - so we had great seats - here are a couple pictures...
Here we are - waiting for everything to start
Here Beth and Kay are praying for Priscilla before she speaks - I know I know - I should be praying - not taking pictures - it was just so cool I couldn't resist!
These boards were out in the main lobby for everyone to write prayer requests on - then right before the last speaker - they put them on stage - and this guy starting painting....
and this was what he did - right before our eyes!!
Ok - so we drove back to GA late on Saturday night - then Sunday was my b-day.... and no b-day would be complete without a b-day dinner with the family! My mom and dad took us to Pappasito's - YUM!!! I love this place!! If you haven't been - you should go - NOW! :) Here are a couple pictures of the evening!

Dad and his girls!
Don't ask me why they're doing this - or how it happened -
but it was so cute I couldn't resist!
once we got home - Nana and Laura chased Harrison around in the yard for a while - this was one of my favorite shots - Laura chasing Harrison - Lucy chasing Laura!! haha!
I love this one too - Dad had the camera and told us to strike a pose...
and this was what happened!!! HAHA - I love that kid!

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