Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mountain Weekend 2008

Ok - so I'm a little behind... before I talk about "Mountain Weekend 2008" I have to update yall on a couple cute new things Harrison is doing! First - Harrison has said his first word!! YEAH! He has been saying Mama and Dada for a while - but not really directed at Corey and I... so I don't really count that... BUT - his first real official word is....."BYE BYE"!!! He even throws in a wave whenever he leaves a room!! So cute!! That's the only word he says... BUT he can also tell you what sound a pig says - and a dog says - and my favorite what a sheep says!!! SO cute!! He can also find his ears, mouth, and his bellybutton!!! YEAH!!!

Ok... now for Mountain Weekend! For the last couple of years my family has taken a trip to the North Georgia Mountains (usually around Blue Ridge - where my mom is from) for a long weekend in the fall. It's really relaxing - we usually do some shopping in downtown Blue Ridge - some hiking - sometimes we fish - check out the leaves changing... whatever we're in the mood for! Anyway here are a couple pictures...

Harrison REALLY wanted to try some of Nana's coffee - so Nana let him have some... (please note that my mom drinks her coffee black!!! GROSS)

I think he actually liked it!

He climbed the stairs ALL weekend - thought it was the best thing EVER!

Harrison got to ride on Daddy's back while we were hiking.... HE LOVED IT!! (and it's SO cute!)
We stopped for a family picture... I love this shot!
Look at that face!! :)
One of the view on our hike
Another view
Father and son moment...
Seriously - cutest kid EVER! Playtime in the leaves!

I promise the train doesn't run on this part of the tracks!!! :)

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