Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Build a BUDDY!

So Harrison received a Build-a-Bear gift card for his 1st b-day and we finally got around to using it! Corey was studying all weekend - so Nana, Aunt Laura, and David went with Harrison and I to BUILD A BEAR!!
The whole process was a little confusing at first - not to mention there was WAY too much to choose from!! Not to worry though - between the 4 adults (yeah I know - kinda sad) we finally got the hang of the whole thing and before we knew it we were building a bear. About the only thing we could get Harrison to do was put the heart inside the bear - and let me assure you - that was a struggle! As you can see in the pictures Harrison was really only interested in playing with a little toy cell phone - so the whole process really evolved into Aunt Laura builds a bear (and I take pictures).... Oh yeah - for those of you who were wondering- we ended up naming the bear "Buddy" - aren't we original!!! :)

This is Harrison NOT being the least bit interested in picking his bear!
Here is Harrison actually participating and putting the heart in his bear!

Aunt Laura cleaning the bear!

Laura and David dressing the bear while Nana tries to get Harrison to care!

Harrison playing with the cell phone!!!

Oh yeah - there was also a little "peek-a-boo" action too!! Kinda cute huh?!?!

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