Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Play time and Pumpkins!

In addition to the Build-A-Bear experience this weekend Harrison also got a new "do" (don't worry there were no scissors involved)- a soccer lesson with 2 personal trainers - some park play time - and a trip to a pumpkin patch (with pigs). The whole thing doesn't really need too much explanation - so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! I will say that I'm not sure who had more fun at the park... Harrison or Laura and David!?!? You decide! :)

Lovin' the faux hawk (he thinks he's really cool!)

He's SHOCKED you don't think he's that cool!

Spikes or faux hawk.... which do you like better?

Learning from the pros....

(maybe you should put it on the ground dude?!?)

Time to SLIDE!!!

More sliding with Nana

Even more sliding - seriously this kid could slide ALL day!!...


Hmm... which pumpkin do I like the best?!?!

I got him to stop long enough for a picture with me! :)

(That doesn't happen very often!!)

Very focused!! haha!

Help - I don't know which pumpkin to pick!!!!

And... the pigs!!! He could NOT take his eyes off these pigs!! Next time you see him ask him what sounds a pig makes... it's SO cute!!! :)

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