Sunday, October 5, 2008

It all started with a mini-horse and a cow in a skirt....

What a busy weekend! It all started Saturday morning with a trip to the Pace Academy Fall Fair! I thought Harrison might be ready for some Fall Fair fun... however for those of you who don't know he's going through a VERY clingy/needy phase! So we go to the fair - and we try to let him play in this "box maze" (a really cool maze made out of refrigerator boxes)but he's having none of it... so we walk around for a while - just checking everything out and then we decide to let him try a pony ride. If you take at the pictures below you might think this pony ride went pretty well... (you'll also notice that we're not even talking about a big pony - we're talking about a tiny mini-horse!!)

well you're wrong - these pictures were right before the giant melt down! Corey tried to put Harrison on the horse and as soon as Harrison realized what we going on - he grabbed onto Corey like his life depended on it!!! It was kinda sad... so we skipped the pony ride!! Instead we just let Harrison run around the front lawn and clap.... he was happy - and that's all that matters!! Maybe next year little man!! :)
PS - he was pretty excited about the big Chick-fil-A cow in the skirt.... go figure - he's afraid of the tiny mini-horse - but the giant cow in the skirt is ok with him??? whatever floats your boat!

Oh yeah - so the rest of the weekend consisted of a flu shot - a trip to Mimi and G's and Owen's 1st birthday party.... I'll try to get some more pictures up ASAP! :)

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