Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playtime at Monkey Joe's

Let me start by saying - I love working at a private school!!! Last Tuesday was Rosh Hashanah - which meant I got the day off!! So instead of just hanging around the house or going to the park (just like any other day that I'm home) Aunt Addie and I decided to take Harrison to Monkey Joes for some good old fashion fun!! If you've never heard of Monkey Joes - let me tell you a little bit about it... Monkey Joes is this AWESOME place that's basically a big open warehouse full of inflatables for kids of all ages! There's a section for little kids (1 - 6 years old)- and then there's a section with big slides and obsticles for the bigger kids (6-12 years old). Here's a pictures of the place so you can get a visual...

When we first got there we took Harrison to the little kid section - where Harrison was TERRIFIED of this big dragon/Lockness monster thing... I seriously thought we were going to have to ask for our money back and just leave because he was NOT happy!!! But - not to worry - Aunt Addie jumped in with him (while I took pictures) and he warmed up to everything pretty quick!! After a while we took a break from the little kid section and Addie and I took Harrison up the BIG kid slide - it was really fun (for Harrison and for us!) By the end Harrison was loving the place - and was exhausted - it was so worth every penny!! :)

After Monkey Joes we had one more little stop.... and because Harrison was so good - Aunt Addie bought him some new kicks.... please check these out!!

That's right - Harrison obviously enjoys the taste of his new shoes as much as he likes wearing them.... thanks Aunt Addie! :)

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