Sunday, September 14, 2008


SO... I'm really sorry I haven't "blogged" in a while - but Corey and I just got back (a week ago) from an AWESOME 3 year anniversary trip to California.  No - Harrison didn't come with us (it was the first time that both of us were away from him for more than a day or two!!) but not to worry....while we were gone Harrison got to go on a little vacation of his own. First to Nana and Papa's and then Mimi and G's! There was lots and lots of playing, some helping with yard work, and even a trip to Chick-fil-a. Let's just say he came home spoiled ROTTEN!

Pictures from OUR vacation...
On a pier in San Francisco
Seriously - the hills were the only bad part of the city!!
Me trying to be funny - acting like I can't make it up the hill!!  
Just acting I SWEAR! :)
The trees out there were HUGE!
Corey hanging out in the olive trees!

Here's HARRISON'S Vacation...

Getting a little workout in on the Gazelle! :)
A little play time in Chloe's crate
Here's that SPOILED part... Mimi has a DVD player in her car!!
A trip to Chick-fil-a (I think he'd make a pretty cute spokesperson! 
Chick-fil-a - call me - we'll talk details!)
Helping Uncle Bailey in the yard
Overall - I think this sums up Harrison's feelings on the week!

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