Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday... or should I say DADDY DAY!

Something very special happened on Saturday... Harrison had his very first "I can't live without daddy" day - and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously it was like a day off for mommy!!! YEAH!!!! First - Daddy had to mow the lawn and we had to go outside and watch him. If for some reason Harrison lost sight of Corey he went NUTS!! So we stayed close - and at the end after Corey was done Harrison even got to help him push the mower (don't worry it was off)! Then after nap time we had a little goldfish snack - watched some golf - and before we knew it - it was time for Harrison to change into his game day attire - sit down with some popcorn and watch Bama kick some UGA hiney!! ROOOLLLL TIDE!!!! :) Hopefully this is the first of VERY many "Daddy and Harrison" days!!!

I think he's trying to say "UGA STINKS!!" :)

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