Saturday, September 20, 2008

BIG Friday for Harrison!

So... Friday was a pretty exciting day around the Garner house.  It started off pretty simple with a walk to the park and some time on the playground - then back home for a nap and some lunch some play time and another nap (pretty normal day so far) - THEN Dad came home early - Harrison woke up from his nap and we were off to our VERY FIRST HAIRCUT!!!!!  I know alot of you have very mixed emotions about this.... some think that the curls were SO cute - and he didn't need a cut... others think the kid has had a mullet for a while now - and it's about time!!  Either way he was a champ during his haircut - mainly because Great Clips had Dumb Dumbs and that kid LOVES a good sucker!!!! :)  ANYWAY - after the hair cut adventure we headed straight to the Braves game where Harrison got to live it up in style in the Deloitte box!  He ate lots of popcorn - hotdogs - chips - a little potato salad -ice cream - and basically anything he could get his hands on... including a couple attempts to eat popcorn off the floor (don't worry we stopped him).  He acted wonderfully in front of Corey's bosses and finally just kind of passed out in my lap!  What a great Friday!! :)




He looks like such a BIG boy now!!!


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