Monday, July 11, 2011

June - Part 5 - the end on the month! FINALLY!

Here are a couple quick pictures from Father's Day!

I loved Millie's little cross eyes in this picture!
my little owl :)
this little girl is a mountain goat.... she will climb anything - or climb into anything!
this was a barricade that she trampled - then used as a toy!
Millie loves to eat real food now - so anytime Harrison has anything - she goes after it! haha!
she plays hard and crashes hard!
again - she's trouble!
Harrison loves to play with her toys!
Watch out world - she's on the go!

Sweet boy!
I love these pictures!!
Nap with dad! :)

Harrison playing downstairs...
Still harassing Millie - through the gate!
This is Corey's form of swooping in and saving the day! :)
We moved the basket.... now she just loves to crawl in there and play!
I love these pictures!  And just FYI - from the first picture to the last was all of about 5 minutes!

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