Monday, July 11, 2011

June - part 1

Wow - I'm REALLY far behind - so I'm just going to jump in....
Corey thinks it's a fun game to throw the kids up in there air... HDG loved it - MK... not so much...
here's the before... she has no idea what's coming....
 the throws....
still in shock!
 Millie pulling up
 She is ALL over the place - we try to put up barricades... but they mean nothing to her!
 and she's eating Cherrios now!
 and apples
 crazy eyes - haha!
The park behind our house had a kids screen on the green one night - I got a little confused on the time - and lets just say we got there REALLY early... but the up side was we got great seats! haha!
 Hey look there's my shadow! :)
 Sweet girl.... it was SO hot out there - she was sweating like crazy!
 Corey and HDG went to get cotton candy!
 Picnic at the park!

 a picture with both my kiddos - that doesn't happen often!
 MK in Harrison little Toy Story chair! hehe!
 like I said it was SO hot that Harrison had a little Italian ice treat to try and stay cool
MK trying to steal HDG's cotton candy - haha! 
 Sheesh - she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!!

this was the best I could do for a shot of the two of them - oh well!
 Pretty girl standing up!
 serious HDG...
Fun in the sprinkler!  
I took all these with one hand - and Millie on my hip - 
hence the up close picture of Millie - not too bad! :)

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