Monday, July 11, 2011

June - Part 4 - random stuff - and Brooke's B-day!

Millie is "cruising" now - and she's pulling up on everything - which means she's pulling a lot of stuff on top on her - haha!  Don't worry - it was an empty basket - so it didn't hurt her!   But it was too funny - so I had to take a picture!

close up :)

Harrison after VBS - he had a GREAT time!

ummm... is it just me - or do these two look JUST alike!?!?
Millie (just like Harrison when he was little) LOVES Corey's work badge!
Every year Brooke has a big crawfish boil for her b-day!  It's always so much fun - and so tasty! :)
this is the crawfish - pre-boil
they kinda look angry! :)
Owen's Uncle Travis was showing him one of the live crawfish up close - 
and Owen looks a little nervous! :)
Harrison wanted a look too!
one angry little crawfish - I think he knows what's coming! :)
Harrison was so happy playing in the sand!
MK chillin' while Daddy was eating crawfish!
the weather turned nasty.... so everyone took shelter
the kids all went inside to play
MK and Cooper hanging out - and holding their own with the big kids!
the spread!  YUM!
birthday girl and her hubby!
Preston was not impressed!
West - the cutest little lawn guy on the block!
Cooper enjoying some cake.... cute!
MK as Buzz Lightyear
Millie doesn't look too happy - but this picture was actually to show off the cute little headband I made for her! :)  It's super fun having a little girl! :)

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