Monday, July 11, 2011

June - Part 2 - Adventure with Aunt Laura

Aunt Laura doesn't get much time off in the summer - so when she called and said she had a day off - and wanted us to come up and hang out - we said SURE! :)  She had actually planned an "adventure" for Harrison - and he was SO excited!
This is him getting his first clue - that lead us to Berry...
and his second - that lead us out to a pond...
Aunt Laura and Millie on the adventure
Harrison next clue under the bridge - with a bucket! He loved that!
then he had to dig in the dirt and find "treasures" that Aunt Laura had planted
they were those little "pills" that when you put them in hot water they grow into shapes...
they're growing! Harrison was super excited!
They were bugs!
The next clue lead us to a stump that had little plastic lizards!  Again Harrison LOVED it!
Next up Aunt Laura left some of those little parachute men in the trees....
I guess I forgot to take pictures of the end of the adventure - but this was from when we were all sitting around after the adventure and Harrison was shooting the water gun at everyone! :)  He had a great time - thanks Aunt Laura!  We love you!

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