Friday, December 31, 2010


December was really busy - so this might take a few posts.... ENJOY!!!
The first weekend in December Corey took Harrison to Chattanooga so they could ride the Polar Express - HDG was REALLY excited - he even wore his Christmas PJS for the trip - here he is right before they left.

Corey said they barely got on 75 before he passed out!
Here's the inside of the train - I guess HDG wasn't the only one that wanted to wear his PJs
Corey and Harrison on the train

HDG watching out the window
Here's what he saw....
Corey said as soon as Santa sat down Harrison ran over and jumped in his lap - I guess he's not afraid of Santa!! :)
Here's "Aunt" Gretchen with Millie
Holiday get together with some of my high school friends!
Holiday get together with some of my college friends
Random picture of Corey working while holding MK
I was working on some gifts before Christmas and had some of my art supplies out... HDG decided he wanted to do a project too - so I gave him some paper and paints.... he loved it!
MK's hand looks so small compared to Corey's
MK and Corey napping

I told you she looks scared half the time - there's no telling what HDG is going to do next...
My adorable little reindeer!

and her crazy dad!
Next up was our annual trip to see Santa at Phipps. I knew this year was going to be rough with a 3 year old and an infant...
So remember from the Polar Express - HDG isn't afraid of Santa - however - he didn't like being told what to do... When they put him up on Santa's lap they wanted him to smile for a picture... but Harrison wanted to tell Santa what was on his list... it was not pretty!
They'd been trying to get a picture for so long - at this point I think Santa is considering choking HDG....
I LOVE this picture - Millie is yawning - and HDG looks bored to tears!!! :)
I think Harrison just looked up and realized where he was....
I'm pretty sure Harrison is actually trying to read here!!! :)
Next up was our trip to Johnny Rockets (upstairs in the food court)
Mimi with her kiddos
and Harrison's new favorite thing to do... play ANGRY BIRDS!!!!

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