Friday, December 31, 2010

more of November...

Next we headed off for Blue Ridge with Nana, Papa, and Aunt Laura -
Here's a picture of the house we stayed in...
and a view from the back porch
Nana burping MK - I love the face :)
Papa and MK
Aunt Laura and HDG going out on an "adventure"
One night we had smores at our little outdoor fire place - the place had an outdoor speakers - so we got to listen to Christmas music while we smored - it was pretty much awesome!
Aunt Laura, Nana, and MK
Nana, Papa, and MK
Sweet Millie all bundled up by the fire!
Corey, HDG, and I sitting by the fire!
One day we all went on a walk together - Papa carried Millie in her cacoon!
We stopped for Harrison to play on the swings for a while
here's a little series of HDG's crazy faces!

HDG doing what he loves best outside....

Quick picture of the Harrison girls...
Dad and HDG playing in the trees
So before we left we took our family picture for my parents Christmas picture... this was my favorite out take!!!
This was Millie in her car seat on the way home!
A couple days after we got home from the mountains was Thanksgiving - so we spent some time out at my parent's house - Corey and Harrison made a Rice-Krispy treat train one night for fun!
Harrison eating his train!
The train!
This was one of the only pictures I took on Thanksgiving day - this is Harrison and his second cousin Jack - doing who knows what in my Aunt's kitchen....
Aunt Laura and Millie texting Erik
I love this picture!
One night Laura talked me into doing facials... haha!
Another night we rented "Just Dance" (the Wii game) - Here's Corey and Erik dancing!!!
Here are couple of the pictures I took of MK - just for fun!
So sweet!

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