Friday, January 7, 2011

December - Christmas in AL

Mid December we were off to AL for Christmas with Corey's Mom's family...
when we got there - Aunt Brittoni had made MK her first tutu - I love it!
Mimi, G, and MK
HDG opening his stocking
family picture... I'm pretty sure it took 18 tries to get this - oh well!
Brittoni got a wedding magazine in her stocking!
I love this picture - I don't remember what happened - but obviously it was REALLY funny!
I know Addie is going to kill me - but I love this picture!
Brittoni decided that all she needs to get in shape for her wedding is Harrison. Playing airplane is a great arm, ab, and leg workout!! :)
I think she's trying to hide....
Harrison wanted to hold Millie while they laid on the couch and watched a movie
The next day (even though it was freezing outside) we decided to make a trip to Kreme Delight - a local ice cream place.
HDG eating Mimi's ice cream
Then all of a sudden we heard a train coming - and G grabbed HDG and took off running - luckily they made it to the top of the street in time to see the train go by!!
Some people got a little chilly and sat in the back of the car to finish their ice cream....
group shot of those who stayed outside in the cold to eat their ice cream... I'm also pretty sure that me telling Bailey that he made a crazy face in this picture was what lead to the next series of Brittoni and Bailey acting crazy...
I have a ridiculous number of funny pictures of you two - I can't wait until your wedding!!! :)
HDG and dad waiting to open presents
HDG and Mom
HDG and Brittoni
Uncle Bailey - trying out his new gag gift lip gloss!!
Aunt Addie and MK
Family shot after church

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