Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding in Nashville

A couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding of a family friend up in Nashville. Harrison's girlfriend was the flower girl in the wedding so he wanted to look good!! We actually bought him a REAL tie... and it was super adorable! Here are a couple shots from the wedding:
Dad tying HDG's first real tie!
The final product!! Isn't he handsome!!
A little sweaty... but still super handsome!

I loved this picture - the bride looked back at her parents and I thought it was priceless!!
The Garner men!
When Marlie got to the reception Harrison ran right over to see her!
Then they decided to run off together...
play a little piano...
a quick little hug...
and a kiss!!
some dancing....
and Harrison might have snuck off for a little while to dance with an older woman...
(however Marlie looks ok with it)
and they finished the night off with a little piggie soak in the hot tub!!
young love... how sweet!
Here's a big group short of all the kids (minus one) of the family friends!
And a quick family shot of the Garners before the night was over!

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The Price's said...

harrison did look so handsome in his new tie:) love all the pics you took!!