Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day weekend at Mimi and G's

We went out to Mimi and G's a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Father's day... the only problem was that Harrison got sick... so we have a lot more pictures of him laying around - doin' nothin' than anything else... oh well... he's cute no matter what! :)

Yep - this is exactly what it looks like... "CHOO CHOO" (I'm sure Thomas was on) HAHA! :)

HDG helping G mow the lawn!

Time for doughnuts!! :) YUM... Krispy Kreme!

Harrison loves to lay on my growing belly...

and give "sister" a kiss... which actually means blowing "zerberts" on Mom's belly... it's pretty funny! :)

and now it's popsicle time with Mimi and G!! :)

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