Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day weekend #2 at Nana and Papa's

We went out to visit my parents and celebrate a late Father's Day this past weekend. I won't say that they live in the "woods" - but lets put it this way... this kind of attire is completely appropriate! :)

My Aunt and Uncle that live next door have a pool - we spent a LOT of time there this weekend! Harrison had such a good time!!

His favorite pool "toy" was a metal strainer that they use to skim bugs off the water with! Harrison obviously thought it was a hat! :)

HDG and Nana taking a break to listen for the cow bells in the pasture next door... no I'm not kidding...

My parents don't live too far from a Mayfield dairy - so Friday afternoon we went over to the dairy for a tour and some ICE CREAM!!!! My favorite part was that we all had to wear hair nets on the tour... hehe!! I was actually very surprised that Harrison didn't try to take the hair net off - but he did great!! :) So stinkin' cute too!!
After the tour ice cream... HDG and Corey both had cookies and cream - it was REALLY good!
I had Java chip (or something like that) - I thought it was awesome - HDG wasn't impressed!
Harrison thought his ice cream was so good - that he drank all the ice cream that had melted... and got it all over his face! We'll have to do that again sometime!! :)

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