Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aunt Laura's B-day!

So.... almost a month ago Aunt Laura had a birthday (once again - I'm behind)! She got to choose where we went for dinner... and her pick was Big Pie in the Sky... a pizza place - with GIANT pizzas! The only problem with this place is that the wait is RIDICULOUS!!! After we ordered our pizza I think we sat at our table and waited for somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. During that time Harrison got really hungry - and tired and had a TOTAL melt down. It was not pretty... so when the pizza actually got there Corey ended up leaving to take Harrison home... so sad!
This picture is more about the guy in the background than Harrison... Hitler maybe???
Oh yeah... I forgot - Harrison tried to strip at one point while we were waiting!! HAHA!
Laura and her pizza!
After dinner we came back to our house for some cookie cake... this year Laura requested a "double doozie" cookie cake. It was pretty awesome!
The "double doozie"
Laura and Erik with the cake
No caption needed! :)
Then we decided that we should try to crawl through Harrison's tunnel... Erik started it - and luck for him I didn't have the camera out yet - but by the time Laura tried it I was ready! I got a nice one of her tush - but she wouldn't let me post it... so here are some of the nicer pictures of Laura and I going through the tunnel!
Hope you had a happy b-day Laura!

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