Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hilton Head & New Years

Here are some pictures from our annual trip to Hilton Head...
I now realize that I didn't get too many pictures from early on in the week - but here is one of Harrison walking out to the beach all bundled up!
Our dinner at Wild Wing Cafe - this is the before.... something like 120 wings....
The after... I think there were about 20 wings left - pretty impressive considering there were 7 adults - 3 boys - 4 girls - and none of the girls ate over 10 wings....

Our trip to Savannah....
Harrison loved all the "cheep cheeps"
This is a kind of photography called HDR.... I'm just learning how to do it... but if you want to see what a professional can do go check out Trey Radcliff's site - Stuck In Customs - his stuff is pretty incredible!!!
The Lady and Sons... Paula Deen's restaurant...yum!!
On the way back to the car we stopped in one of those little courtyard areas to take some fun pictures - Bailey and Brittoni got some really cute shots - but my favorites were the ones with the crazy lady in the background (see above picture) - this lady chased people around in her wheel chair - wore a crazy yellow wig - and wore flip flops that were really just soles tied on with ribbons - with socks! :) haha! She was hilarious!
Back to Hilton Head...
Corey and I right after midnight on New Years - I was just so proud we actually stayed up till midnight this year! HAHA - we're so old and lame! :)
The Saturday before we left we went down to the beach to take some pictures... Harrison didn't really like the picture part - but he did loved chasing the birds!
This year we all wore shades of blue - or white - so I thought this was a fun edit!
This is one of my new favorite family shots! :)

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