Friday, August 7, 2009

Free toys are the BEST toys!!

Most of yall know this already - but Harrison is a MESS!!! This kid plays hard ALL day - and while I'd love to take him outside and run him all the time - it's just too hot sometimes! SO - we have to find fun stuff to do inside. I'd been meaning to make him a "fort" for a while - just never got around to it! Well Tuesday night I finally got around to it - and I'm not kidding - it's Harrison's new favorite thing! He wakes up in the morning - and the first thing we hear over the monitor is - "Mama - Dada - I wanna go play in the fort!" It's really nothing more that a couple sheets draped over the kitchen table with some pillows underneath - but he LOVES it - and I didn't have to pay for it - and that makes it even better!!! :) Anyway - as always - here are some pictures... enjoy!
Here it is.... pretty amazing - right?!?! Even Bel looks jealous - haha!
Yes - my child wears Christmas pjs in August - I'm not ashamed!!! :)
This was an awesome game of peek-a-boo with dad!!! I love this picture - however I also love that I had just come home from the gym - and I was hot and sweaty - and I can never get him to smile like this with me when I have make-up on and look decent!! oh well!!!

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The Price's said...

so cute!! marlie LOVES forts too:)