Thursday, August 20, 2009

big hodgepodge...

So here's a hodgepodge catch up blog entry....
First - 2 weekends ago G came out to our house to help Corey finish the window seat he had started a while back... Harrison thought G came to play with him... HAHA
G let him hammer...
then they both got into the window seat for a little play time!
Next - Harrison wanted to hang out in the kitchen.... under the stools

It's like where's Waldo - but where's Harrison?!?!
How does that big man fit under there??
Different day - same trick!!
Bel wanted in on the action too... doesn't she look excited....
Next... a very quick bath time shoot

And last but not least... girls night with my SGHS girls....

Before we left - Harrison was running around the house in a AL football helmet!! :)
Playtime with Whitney!
Where's Harrison??
Group shot!!

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