Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He has a whistle... and he knows how to use it!!

I'm not sure if all kids can do this - or if Harrison just has some kind of super human ability... but I'm not kidding this kid can spot a "choo choo" from 10 miles away. Serioulsy - we can be walking through the grocery store - and there's a Thomas balloon clear on the other side of the building - and Harrison will start yelling - CHOO CHOO - and pointing and I have to look around for 5 minutes before I can find it... but there it is. Or my new favorite... I got Harrison out of the car the other day - and I had to grab a bunch of bags. So I put him down and told him to go inside. He started heading for the door - I turn about to grab the bags - I turn back around - and my child is laying in the middle of the garage on the nasty floor. I immediantly think he has fallen - and I'm like "it's ok buddy - stand up and brush it off" - but NO NO.... Harrison has found the Choo Choo on the front of our recycling bin (I guess that's kinda the symbol for the city we live in since there are so many trains - so they put a picture of it on the front of the bin) and is laying on the garage floor pointing it out to me!!! HAHA!!! Anyway - so we're over at Corey's parent's house over the weekend and Harrison is playing in Mimi and G's bedroom - and we're trying to get him to go back into the other room - when on his way out he notices a choo choo. I have NO idea how this kid saw this... it was in a bag - inside of a clear bin with the lid on laying in the corner- I would have NEVER seen it... but Harrison did! I'm pretty sure that it was suppose to be part of his Easter basket - but since Harrison spoted it - Mimi let him have it. What he found was an adorable Thomas the train floor mat - complete with a Thomas whistle!! I didn't figure he would have any idea how to work the whistle - but boy was I wrong! I think it only took one person showing him how it worked before he was running around blowing that thing as hard as he could - and let me assure you - it was REALLY loud!! Without sound you can't really get the full effect - but here are a couple pictures!

and here it is.... THE WHISTLE!!!!!

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