Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We belong to the ZOO!!

That's right - we belong to the zoo!! We got a one year membership - and so far Harrison is LOVING it (of course it's not 100 degrees outside yet either)!! So... this wasn't really Harrison's first trip to the zoo - however it was Harrison's first trip to the zoo with dad (and the first time I remembered to take pictures)!! One of our first stops - the meerkats... Here's Harrison enjoying the view from above! And Dad and Harrison as meerkats!
The gorillas are always fun to watch...
But our REAL favorite is the pandas!!! They even have panda stamps - so Harrison had to get one of those! Days later - the stamp has washed off - but he still looks down at his had and says "PANDA"!!
Isn't he cute!!
and our last stop... the petting zoo! Hey dad - didn't I tell you the animals with the red collars are "feisty"!!

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