Thursday, February 26, 2009

Harrison out on a date...

Last weekend Harrison had his first real dinner date!! Of course both sets of parents were there to "chaperon" - but you could tell that Harrison was really trying to impress his date and pretend we weren't there! (I'm sure we embarrass him already :) haha)
Harrison and Marley at Houston's
Ok - now sit still....
Harrison - seriously - SIT STILL!!!

This was as close as Harrison came to sitting still.... oh well!!

Isn't she adorable??? Her parents were in our old small group - and Marley and Harrison are only about 5 weeks apart (Marley is older - Harrison likes that about her - she's more mature). Anyway - Harrison had a great time and really hopes that they can go "out" again very soon - he's thinking he might take her to a park next time!!! haha! :)

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