Thursday, February 12, 2009

Katie and Austin's wedding!

Last weekend Corey and I left Harrison with Corey's parents and went to the wedding of one of my friends from high school! Since we don't get to do too much without Harrison these days we treated this as our Valentine's get away (even though the wedding was only in Roswell). I'm SO excited - Corey got me Cirque du Soleil tickets!!! I can't wait!!! :) Anyway - back to the wedding - we had a blast - the wedding, reception, and of course the bride were all beautiful - and the reception was really a great party - complete with a photo booth!! We had SUCH a great time in that photo booth - and the bride and groom used the pictures from the photo booth as their guest book - it was SUCH a great idea!!!! It couldn't have been cheap- because it had their names and the wedding date down the middle - and we could go back as many times as we wanted (and trust me we did) but it was a BLAST!!!! Thanks Katie and Austin - best idea EVER!! Here are 2 of the ones we did...

one of Corey and I...

and one of some of the crazy girls there.... Here are a couple other pictures from the night....

Here's the table we were sitting at - I wish I would have been smart enough to get a picture of the whole center piece - it was beautiful!! Also - please notice that Corey was sitting across the table from me - with his "bromance" - yep - that's right - Corey has a bromance! :)

See Corey looking deep into his eyes!
Gina, Justin (what a cheese), and Corey

Me, Katie, and Jess

"the girls"
CONGRATS Katie and Austin!!! :)

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