Thursday, February 5, 2009

play date - play date - basketball - hockey - super bowl!

Last weekend was super busy! It all started with a 2 play date Friday! First we had a morning play date at Southern Prep with Missy and Beckham (didn't take my camera - so no pictures... sorry). This was our second time there - and I think it went really well! I hope I don't jinx it - but it's been 6 days and we haven't gotten sick - so I think we're safe this time!! He loved the moon bounce - and the trampolines - and basically just running around like a crazy kid for an hour or so!! After Southern Prep we came home for lunch and a quick nap - then off again to play date #2 with Brooke and Owen!! Harrison and Owen hadn't gotten to play together in a while - so really they just hung out and destroyed the Bourgeois house for most of the afternoon!! :) I was a little worried because Harrison weighs about 10 pounds more than Owen - and a hug tackle on hardwoods could have been disastrous - but they actually played really well together!!! There was even a little sharing!!!! :)

Always BUSY!
My favorite moment of the day was when Brooke, Owen, Harrison and I rode together to meet Corey and Scott for dinner - and the boys were in their car seats in the back - and we asked Harrison to share some goldfish with Owen and (after some encouragement) he did! It was SO sweet! Harrison extended his hand with a goldfish - and Owen took it!!! If only I had a camera at that exact second (too bad I was driving)!! Like I said - after that we met the dads for dinner... and then off to the OU basketball game! Although I'd love for yall to think that I'm just an AWESOME alumni - we only went because a friend/sorority sister/fellow alum was coaching the other team! Yeah Coach Campbell!!! Harrison also got to meet the OU mascot "Petey" - and let me tell you - he was petrified!! Corey tried to get him to go over and give him a high five - and he just about lost it right then and there. HAHA!!

Here are the boys in their OU gear... since Harrison didn't have a cool OU shirt - he just wore yellow and black!
The next morning Harrison and I got up early to drive down to Stockbridge so my cousin Andrea could cut my hair. Harrison actually got to go hang out at my cousin Kelli's house while I was getting my hair "did" - and they have a SUPER adorable little boy that's only a couple of months older than Harrison - so it was PERFECT! Chris and Kelli said they played well together - so I'm kinda sad we don't live closer to each other! From there we headed to Gwinnett - for a little down time before going to the Gwinnett Gladiators game (local hockey team - maybe semi-pro??? not really sure)! This was Harrison's first hockey experience - and I think he had a great time! He loved the mini-blimp that was flying around before the game - but once again was not so happy with the mascot!! He couldn't keep his eyes off "Maximus" - but I think it was more of one of those - "I'm not letting you out of my sight" kinda things! Had he actually come over to us I'm pretty sure it would have gotten ugly - FAST!

He loved G's hat!
I love this little outfit - thanks Nana!

Someone let him hold their "spinny" light - and Harrison couldn't quite figure it out!

Family picture opportunity!

I'm not sure what he was doing here - but I thought he was adorable (as always)! :)
Finally to finish off the weekend we had a couple of people over for a last minute super bowl party! Harrison got to hang out with Owen again - and Aunt Laura was there - which always makes him happy - so we had a great time! I wish I had taken a picture of the amount of food we had - I'm pretty sure we cooked for 50 instead of 5... but it was very yummy!!! :)

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