Monday, November 17, 2008

Mom's favorite topic... FOOD!! :)

I know the doctors tell you - you're not really suppose to give kids peanut butter until their a year and a half - but because neither side of our family has any problems with peanut allergies we decided to take a chance and give Harrison his first PB&J sandwich the other day! He LOVE it!! We don't give them to him all the time.. but it's nice to add a little variety to lunch time!! :)

ALSO - last Monday was Pappasitos anniversary celebration - fajitas dinner for 2 - for the price of 1!! YUM!! Pappasitos is probably one of my FAVORITE restaurants - and I love them even more now because they have a GREAT kids menu!!! Harrison had a really good chicken quesadilla - and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it!!
Enjoying a little crayon snack while Uncle Bailey colors!
Maybe a righty?!?!
Chicken quesadilla - YUM!

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