Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our little MONKEY!!

Technically this wasn't Harrison's first Halloween... but this was the first Halloween where he got to go out trick-or-treating - and it was so much fun!! :) We ended up going to Corey's parents house - and Harrison got to participate in their neighborhood costume parade... we'll sort-of. I'm pretty sure he never made any forward progress so we ended up being at the very end - and we ended up carrying him... just so we'd make it to the club house and the pizza this century! After pizza we went trick-or-treating and Harrison was a Monkey... and I'm pretty sure he was the cutest monkey EVER!!! Seriously - he can't say Trick-or-Treat yet... but when he went to the houses Corey would ask him "what does a monkey say" and he would go "ooo ooo ooo" just like a monkey!!! Anyway - enough writing... here are a couple pictures!

please note that he's holding his own pizza!!

still with a mouth full of pizza TRICK-OR-TREAT! Family picture!!

OH - did I mention that Harrison is currently OBSESSED with Thomas the Train?!?! Not kidding we doing something totally different but if I say the word Thomas or Train in any random sentence Harrison will really start going "choo choo"... anyway there was a kid in the parade dressed as Thomas and Harrison follow him around ALL night!!! Pretty funny huh?!?! :)

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