Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding at the beach!

Ok so the wedding wasn't really AT the beach - but it was close enough that we got to go visit the beach! :)  Here are some pics from a good family friend of the Garners - Dave and Heather's wedding
Funny - but I took no pictures during the actual wedding... and I have no pictures of the bride and groom... oops?!?!
 This was a shot of the inside - before the rehearsal diner
 Rehearsal dinner - dessert table (the groom's mom made the cake and Mimi made her famous banana pudding!)
 Close up on the cake!
 This was at the actual wedding... Harrison found the blue pebbles on the table - and can you guess what he was pretending they were?
 That's right - they were trains....
Addie and Rusty
 Bailey and Brittoni - I love the random pictures these two take!  It should make for a very fun slide show at their wedding! hahaha!
and a real picture! 
 Addie got cold - and used Rusty's jacket... which turned her into a thug! :)
Attempting to get a family picture.... 
 pretty sure it's futile....
 G grabbed my camera and was taking random pictures... look - I have crazy eyes! :)
 Corey with his snuggle bug! :)
Obviously someone turned the camera on G - haha!  I swear it wasn't me - I genuinely wonder took this picture?!?!
 Amanda (groom's sister) and her daughter Piper (not sure who the little girl in the middle is though?!?!)
 the next day they had a brunch before everyone headed home - here's Harrison and Piper playing... she looks so sweet in this picture I couldn't resist!! :)
 This was the outside of the wedding venue
  after the brunch - because the little town was just too cute - Brittoni and I did a little photo walk!  I won't bore you with some of the random pictures... but here are 2 cute ones with Brittoni in them!
What a rock star! :)


Addie said...

It was me! I took the picture of G!! It is a pretty good one... if I say so myself!! :o) ~Addie

brittoni ann said...

Katie!!, those of me are Awful!,! Haha -- but I love your updates :)