Friday, April 29, 2011

Some of April...

At the very beginning of April Corey went out of town for the Masters for a week - luckily that week was the same week that Nana was off on spring break - so we went out and spent the week with her and Papa.  Here are some pictures from our trip to Fort Yargo...
 This was the weirdest butterfly I'd ever seen... if you look really close it looks like it has eyes on it's wings!!!
 At one point during our walk Harrison just turned around and pulled his shirt up... random... but cute!  
 Lucy also came with us - and Laura let her go for a swim!  She loves to swim and Harrison loves to throw sticks for Lucy! :)
 Lucy shaking off - I thought this looked kinda cool!
Lucy swimming 

 Lucy - up close!
Millie's new favorite trick... blowing bubbles! :)
 Nana, Aunt Laura, and Nana getting some water/juice after our walk

Millie holding her own bottle - her other new trick! :)
 Harrison can't keep his hands off her - EVER!
 she's teething... so nana gave her a piece of apple to chew on... she loved it!
While I was out there on spring break I decided I'd see if mom could take some pictures of me and the kids (since I'm always the one behind the camera) - unfortunately most of them came out like this... 

 Here were the few where we were all looking at the camera....
 not everyone is smiling... but I can only ask for so much..... :)

Love this one! 

 and of course I had to get one with Nana and Millie

This was on Millie's 1/2 birthday April 11, 2011
She was very interested in the candle
Happy 1/2 Birthday pretty girl!
 yumm.... cereal

We had a girls night to visit Gretchen and Baby Max - and Millie came with me!  She loves girls nights!
Some of our friends from Nashville came to visit us with their little girls Lyla and Marlie.  We had such a good time hanging out that I obviously forgot to take pictures!  Here are the 2 quick ones that I snapped...
Millie and Lyla (I have no idea why Millie doesn't have any clothes on?!?!) Lyla is 8 months older than Millie - and Millie weighs a pound more than her.... I have a feeling Millie is going to be a big girl :)
I love when these 2 get to play together - too bad they're just both so active - this was the best shot we could get of them! :)

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