Friday, April 29, 2011

March trip to Berry

Millie and I went up to visit Laura in March - and since Laura had just gotten a nice new camera we decided to take a photo trip to Berry - here's some of the pictures I took....
***note - for some reason some of these pictures look blurry on the blog - if you click on them (and make them larger) it's not blurry.... weird!!! ****
 hehe - I had to get one of Laura taking pictures!

 These are form Frost Chapel... it's beautiful - I could go there 50 times and get different pictures every time I go!
the inside... BEAUTIFUL! 

 These next few are actually pictures Laura took that I edited....

there were a couple more that I wanted to share - but for some reason right now Blogger is not allowing me to upload... I'll try again later!

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