Friday, January 7, 2011

December - Christmas with the families

After we got back from AL we only had a 1 day turn around. I spent that day unpacking - doing a LOT of laundry - and repacking... my idea of fun - right?!?! Anyway - Harrison had a lot of time to play trains - and at one point we heard him singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas..." and we asked him what he was doing. He said his trains were having a Christmas party... and when we went into the "man cave" we found this....
All of Harrison's trains gathered for a Christmas party....
He and the trains had a great time!!
The next day we packed up and headed out to Nana and Papa's for Christmas...
MK in a vintage 1980's Christmas outfit!
I love those eyes
One night Aunt Laura taught HDG how to bowl on the Wii
great form kid!
The next night Papa built us a bonfire out at the fire pit! The wood was a little wet - so it took a little while to get it started.... HDG's job was to hold the flash light for Papa - what a good helper!
patiently waiting...
Corey and I taking a self portrait
So at one point Laura and I decided it would be fun to play with my camera - and leave the shutter open for a while - while we moved the flash light around. The cool part was that I had a normal flash light and she had an LED so the lights looked totally different - and turned out really cool!
See the little blob in the bottom right... that's Harrison - hehe - cute huh?!?
THEN - Corey got the brilliant idea to stand in the middle and make a cross while Laura and I moved our flash lights all around... I think it turned out pretty cool!!!!
The next day was Christmas Eve.... and on Christmas Eve all of my mom's family comes over for dinner. After dinner the kids open presents - and it's a MAD HOUSE... please take a look....
there was no order - just craziness.....
please notice how excited Laura was about the whole thing! :) haha!
And look at all the grandma's with their cameras!!! :)
The Harrison's
The Harrison girls...
Nana, Millie, and Me
After the Harrison festivities were over - we headed over to the Garners.... the next morning was Christmas morning....
Here's HDG in his new Toy Story snuggie (yes he's yawning in this picture)
HDG checking to make sure Santa and the reindeer ate the food he left them
family picture! Nothing like the early morning (no makeup) picture!
kisses for MK... ALWAYS!
After HDG opened all his gifts - he wanted to help everyone else open their gifts!
Then he played with "speedy" Spencer
MK slept through everything... oh well!
Mimi and Millie
Uncle Bailey and Aunt Addie with MK
Then Christmas night we headed out to Grand Mother and Grand Dad's....
Millie with Victoria.... I'm thinking she looks like a GREAT babysitter! :)
HDG proudly showing off his Thomas and the Misty Island DVD
Millie and Mimi
Aunt Addie LOVES some wassail - Corey and I say GROSS!!!!!!
It's snowed Christmas Day - and when we got back to the Garner's house it looked so pretty I had to take a picture!
Before we left for Hilton Head the next day I had to get a picture of Millie and her first snow!

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